Equestrian Day Out

Horses for as long as remembered, have been considered a symbol of strength and endurance in the Arabian peninsula. The Equestrian tradition runs deep in the customs and history of Arabs and in light of this significant tradition, The Gathering, in partnership with Rumka, presents to you Equestrian Day out- held at the Nova Resort through the days of 16th to 18th February.

The Gathering values heritage and the pillars of cultural persistence and with this outing the company hopes to reconnect the current generation to the principles set by our ancestors. Equestrian Day out honors the bloodline of the magnificent horses that represent resilience in nature and their ties with the Arabian culture. This outing offers the opportunity to watch the Rokka Championship, a barrier jumping competition and it hosts several recreational activities such as safari tours for children. The outing is joined by various local participants to whom we gave a platform to showcase their goods and to make their businesses known to the mass public. Our selected vendors and participants each have a story to tell and have come from diverse backgrounds.

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