Ramadan Day Out

With the support of the General Entertainment Authority, The Gathering is proud to present to you, Ramadan Day Out or Tal3a Ramadaniya.  Held at the Green Zone at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University, this outing aims to bring families together through the days of 12th Ramadan until the 15th.

The 3-day outing provided families a festive and recreational space to break their fast. With the celebration of Gargee’an, children were able to sing traditional songs together and indulge themselves with delicious sweets from a large basket of candies. This is especially important for The Gathering because, our values are rooted in local community building and youth empowerment. The outing proved to be fruitful for children and adults alike as their evenings were enriched with numerous participants and vendors that created a lively atmosphere for visitors who enjoyed the many  Fatoor and Sohour markets, Fawazir tent and several recreational activities.


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